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“I love them,” I said, “Where do they come from?”

My kid, of course, was creating music on Garage Band and ignored me.

He flat out refused to take piano lessons last year. He loves playing around on the keyboard and has a good ear for music and a mother who, you know, taught music lessons for years.

But put an iPad in his hands, and the kid thinks he’s Mozart.

No, it was Beethoven who went deaf. Must be Beethoven.

Little Ludwig is one of my “go-to”s for all things techy because every five minutes my electronics are outdated and updated and generally leaving me in the Stone Age.

I am used to feeling stupid on a regular basis. But I don’t like to live there.

“Mom,” he asked, “what is a me me?”

“Look at my Pinterest,” I demanded, shoving my MacAir between him and his decibels.

My Pinterest, as you know, is full of wise-cracking memes that speak to me at gut level. I figure if I laugh hard enough, I will eventually build up some nice abs.

“Somebody, somewhere, is making these!” I told him, “And I want in. Where do they come from?”

After some severe eye-rolling, I was told to pronounce it “meem”.


L van B knew everything except that. So I turned to Siri and within five minutes, I had this:


Now I can wax poetic about the fact that my family, while willing in spirit, are totally incapable in body, of landing anything where it actually goes.

The dirty dishes are set two inches away from the dishwasher.

The dirty clothes are set two inches away from the hamper.

Only two inches of toilet paper are left on the spindle.

Wet towels lie crumpled below the racks from which they ought to hang.

But this little gem of a meme gets right to the point. ‘Nuff said.

And yes, it should be called a “me me” if “I I” made it.


The next thing I wanted to figure out is how to add sound and video clips to my blog…


Look! It took two teenagers and one frazzled mom to figure out that I can (sort of) put audio in this blog.

First we tried Garage Band, so we went with that truly obnoxious 80s tribute to Amadeus, just to make my point to the kid.

Who didn’t get it. Which doesn’t matter because neither did Garage Band.

This one is iMovie. So naturally, it wants to be a movie. You’re welcome that I didn’t show what we all looked like while trying to find the right buttons to push in the right order.

Oh my.

And I realized why they know more about technology than I do, and why the socks never land in the hamper:

I am a “the hamper’s half empty” kind of mom, and they are “the hamper’s half full” kind of kids.

They are fearless with buttons. They act like the world won’t blow up if you push the red button, and I was raised knowing for a fact that you do NOT push the red button. Ever.

So I’ll be attempting to throw more socks to the wind and find more ways to have fun with buttons.

I hope I win.

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  • Barbara Abel| April 15, 2016

    🙂 it’s nice when they do figure out all the buttons….however, once they leave the nest…you have to figure them out…….:)

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