Are We There Yet?

I would like to thank everyone who made this particular moment possible…

The traffic that swarmed the mall next to my house and turned a five minute drive-by into a half hour exercise in patience…namaste.

The mother who made fudge, cookies, and great grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe so I could “sample” it all. The goats who made the cheese that I covered in raspberry chipotle sauce “for our guests” and then ate by the spoonful. The girlfriend who bought me pajamas a size too big…because by this time next week, they’ll fit just right.

The basketball coach who thinks practice never takes a vacation and scheduled out of town tournament games…because he can.

The inventors of Skype who allowed one family party to connect with another family party across countless miles se we could open presents together and virtually annoy each other. The brother-in-law and the niece who each drove many miles, just to make sure the family was together for Christmas so we can annoy each other in person.

The Hubby who thought giving our 13 year old a flying drone in the living room was a good idea.

The doctor in orthopedics who decided not to cast our son’s broken arm for physical therapy reasons but in reality saved us from the stench of a week-old sweaty splint.

You all know who you are.

This moment is just a snapshot of the past few days or so. But it could reflect our year.

Ours is always a bit of a roller coaster, starting off slowly, building momentum quickly, and after the first hairpin curve, we just hunker down in the seatbelt and hold on for dear life.

No one seems to mind if our eyes are closed or if we’re screaming, but occasionally a photo gets passed around of us doing it.

There’s really no need for explaining.

Today is the pause.

The part where the ride has dropped us over the last big dip and is lurching slowly into the docking area. My head is up, my grip on the roll bar relaxing, and I’m seeing the next line of victims eager to jump in and go for the ride. They can have it.

We are just about “funned” out.

New Year’s Eve will be the celebration of getting off this ride and looking around for the next big thrill.

We’ll have the usual gang hanging out with card games and glow in the dark sticks and we’ll go outside for a countdown and then cheer real loud so the neighbors know we gave it a fair shake.

And then go to sleep as fast as possible.

This year was exhausting.

Heaps of fun, of course, lots of gorgeous views from the top of climbs and lots of great company along for the ride. There were a few moments when I thought perhaps we were going to end up hurtling through space without a parachute and several times when I was definitely nauseous from an unexpected drop. There was, occasionally, an unavoidable loop thrown my way.

Only a crazy person would have tried to get off the ride half way through it.

But believe you me, I considered it regularly.

I don’t want you to think I’m whimpering because, frankly, my daughter gave me a pep talk the other day saying, and I quote, “Mom, you did sign up for this you know!”

So I voluntarily set this ride in motion.

I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time in “It’s a Small World” and a little less time riding the “Matterhorn” though.

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  • Anonymous| December 30, 2014

    I laughed hysterically b/c my hubby gave our 13 year old a flying drone too! Don’t you just love it? This whole piece soooo hit home, Jolie. Well done!!

    • Jolie| December 30, 2014

      His drone just spent the last four days in the top of a massively tall palm tree. The wind finally picked it up and dropped it back down to his trembling arms. Tell me. Why do we ask for this level of angst? Seriously. Saw it coming.

  • Sarah| December 28, 2014

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for these wonderful blogs that help us all know that “we’re in it together”. Blessings…

  • Anonymous| December 26, 2014

    You nailed it Jolie!

  • Kiki| December 26, 2014

    Great blog. Perfect timing. Life is without question one big roller coaster and we just have to get in and hold on. Merry Christmas to all the family and big hugs.

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