Author Q&A, Round Two

In today’s episode, we chat about online reviews, how I stare down a book before I begin writing it, keeping characters fresh in the series, and trying to decide whether Book One was harder to write than the rest and why or why not.

Questions that should have been asked, but weren’t, include:

Q: Mom, did you seriously put bad words in your books? Mom…(utterly aghast)
A: Yes. Beginning on page one. Three different ones in here. You can read them to yourself, silently. But you aren’t allowed to say them.

Q: But…
A: These are grown-up books.

Q: (muttering) I’m twenty years old, Mom.
A: Potatoes, Pu-tah-toes.

Q: Are there other things in there…that are strictly for grown-ups?
A: It’s the Wild West. Everybody has guns. There’s violence and murders because—follow me here—these are murder mysteries. Political correctness is just called ‘manners’, and good luck with that. They cuss when it’s called for. They will drink when they want because prohibition hasn’t been invented yet. And babies are made in the usual way because storks haven’t been invented yet. Maybe you should simmer down.

When Kid Five agreed to host my author interviews about my book, The Great Loveda Brown, he told me we had to set up in front of the fireplace.

“Fireside chats, Mom. It’s all the rage.”

“For presidents, maybe. Can I hold the cat in my lap?”

“You have to hold your book.” Eye roll. “Mom.”

If I ever have to do this in public, you’d better believe I’m bringing the cat for moral support. I will wear him around my neck like an airplane pillow.

This video is just over three and a half minutes. This is how long it takes to brew a perfect cup of tea. This is not a coincidence. Enjoy.

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  • Laura| February 11, 2021

    I’m enjoying your second Q and A even more. Kid number five is really honing his interviewing skills! I love how you’re so open about your process with creating plot and character storylines. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Manuel Pia| February 9, 2021

    Love it. I’m so proud of you and your writing success. Still plugging away on Bird Farm and my blog. Did you receive your novel certificate? Got mine yesterday. Where can I get the 2nd Loveda Brown? Stay well, my friend.

    • Jolie Tunnell| February 9, 2021

      Hi Manny! Nope, not yet. Click on my logo (up top) and then hit the “Buy One” button. Should take you straight to the Amazon page. Can’t wait to see the cover for Bird Farm!

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