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Bethany, House of Song

Historical Faith Fiction, Bethany, House of Song, was awarded honors in the Judges’ Favorite Award List at the Ink and Insights Writing Contest in 2020. In addition to this distinction, Bethany, House of Song placed second in the Top Three Submissions in the Master Category.

This project would not be possible without the fierce love that binds the family of Denise Boomer, and I dedicate this novel to her. Bethany will go into publication once the Idyllwild Mystery Series concludes.

In a tiny village outside the gates of Roman-conquered Jerusalem, two orphaned sisters defy tradition to raise their infant brother and safeguard the family estate. Juggling political, cultural, and personal challenges, the siblings come of age as Jesus’ ministry rises to challenge the national and global status quo. When their brother dies and Jesus resurrects him, the women must choose between the system that will secure everything they sacrificed for or the rebellion that will destroy it.

Martha is a woman in a man’s world, fighting for her brother’s rights as the next village leader. Her sister Miri is caught between her brother’s future and a future she must forfeit in his name. And their special needs brother, Lazarus, the sunshine around whom everything revolves, is the key and the catalyst for them all.