If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer. If you have a book in your head but not in your computer. If you don’t know where to begin or are wondering if it will ever end…welcome to the club.

2019 is the “Year of the Book”. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet on my office floor, and there it will remain until the novel is written or I am dead. One or the other.

I have a fabulous support system at San Diego Writers Ink where I am enrolled in their Novel Writing Certification Program. This first book is a practice run at historical fiction. I have drafts for a western and humorous chick lit waiting in the background for their turn.

A co-worker once called me “verbose”. My goal is to become downright loquacious. The books are coming.

Please join me in this noble quest to become a published author by signing up for The Novel Newsletter. I will share my progress and procrastination journey, along with tips to support your writing vision.  You will have the opportunity to become beta readers, or “first readers”, as chapters are formed. Feedback is a writer’s best friend, for better or worse, love the writing or hate it, every comment you send me will go into the formation of my first novel. You will also be the first to win free books when I publish!

What’s it about, you ask? Here’s the elevator pitch as of April:

Not everyone chooses the comfortable road to obscurity. In the small village of Bethany, two sisters find themselves launched into a lifetime of leadership, facing their circumstances with courage and sacrifice.  Jesus rises to fame in this world of saints and sinners, challenging the status quo. When Rome, Jerusalem, and even their own inner dysfunction threatens to topple their delicate house of cards, an event the sisters least expect will make them rethink everything they ever fought for.