Candy is Dandy

Welcome to America, where we can reduce almost any occasion into a reason to eat sweets.

Somehow “All Hallow’s Eve” became some sort of tradition that morphed into what America thinks is actually a holiday.

I am blaming it fair and square on the candy industry.

Frankly, I think we were hoodwinked into this whole Tom-foolery.

No one gets Halloween off, so we can’t call it a holiday. As a matter of fact, most years it falls on a school night which is just a planning faux pas.

Someone needs to organize this ‘folly-day’ if we’re forced into acknowledging it.

Try telling your kids, “We’re not running around the neighborhood in the dark wearing face paint on a school night. You haven’t done your homework and it’s your bedtime. There’s absolutely no reason for it. Why would we do this??”

And they will tell you.



This part is where America is not the land of the freedom to make these decisions nor the home of the brave parents who attempt to do so.

If the candy industry is going to run my home then the least it could do is come up with some good candy.

Weird Candy: Mexican piñatas hold odd chewy fruit combos. There is chili powder in their lollipops and sometime whole salted plums.

Prunes in the lollies? Why?

Pez. It’s chalk. It’s chalk, people.

Painful Candy: Warheads, cinnamon balls, Poprocks, Sour Patch Kids. Why do you want your candy to fight back?

Any gum. I used to blow bubbles inside of bubbles in my school days. Then I had braces and rejected all things sticky, chewy and gummy like taffy, Skittles, gummy bears, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls or caramels.

Unfortunately, this includes jelly beans. Sorry, Easter bunny.

On the other hand, Lifesavers are pretty straight forward. Best flavors are butterscotch and lemon or lime.

Anything with a cookie, coconut or peanut butter wins a vote.

A handful of frozen peanut M&Ms will do.

Which brings me to possibly the most debated question on the planet.

You want to sit down for this.

What is the best chocolate ever?

North America leans into the Hershey’s camp and Down Under reaches for Cadbury. Every manufacturer makes similar confections and their chocolate is, of course, unique.

But then they will add horrible things like rum raisin or orange or marzipan. Marshmallows. Pineapple. Seriously?

The chocolate snob delegation is further splintered into milk or dark chocolate committees. We aren’t even going to consider white chocolate.

Because I said so.

Dark chocolate is practically a health food.

Godiva and Toblerone and Dove are touted as spa experiences.

I am not especially a chocolate fan, so I’m happy to let you sort out your own happy place. It’s fun to stand at the See’s Candy Shop counter and pick out each piece but I am only choosing about five flavors.

I hide the box from Hubby for his own protection. He will cheerfully devour it all at once. I will take a piece each day for a couple weeks and enjoy it immensely.

So when Halloween rolls around, I will toss together some costumes for the kids, but Hubby is the one who marches them around the neighborhoods, gathering in the loot.

The man is motivated.

Everyone comes home after a couple of hours, dumping sweets into sorting piles. They barter and trade with each other and laugh if someone got an apple or a can of Ensure in their bag. (Yep, really.) Rejected candy is the saddest little pile of all.

Hubby takes his “taxes” as the kids willingly toss him some of his own favorites.

They know I’m not really interested in anything except maybe a Twix here and there, which makes me a good guardian of their stash until it all gets eaten over the next month or so.

Willie Wonka and I are the rare birds who can preside over the sweeties without putting them all into our mouth.

But it’s pretty entertaining to watch the little Veruca’s and Augustus’ going after the gobstoppers.

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  • Sarah| October 29, 2014

    What do you mean you’re not a chocolate fan?! Don’t you know that chocolate is salad? It comes from the cocoa plant and plants go in salad…so there!

  • Kiki| October 24, 2014

    I loved Halloween as a kid. I’m not so sure I’m crazy about it anymore but I love to have the little ones show up at my door. And I am thrilled that it’s a Friday night this year! I don’t have to contend with candy at school the next day!

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