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Gobsmacked Year End Clearance

I purchase my paperbacks in bulk at the beginning of each year so I can sell them at events in person at a discount. If you weren’t able to meet me this year, here are the books I have left. Give a gift or complete your set while they last, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This page will come down when I sell out. Because these books are shipped from my home, your paperback can be autographed and mailed direct anywhere in the world that accepts postal service and will include stickers!

Please note: these books are not included in my “Free Shipping” special for November and will very likely NOT make it to your home in time for Christmas. The postal service is totally out of my control.

Also note: all sales are final. I ship them in perfect condition. If they arrive otherwise, please let me know and we will discuss from there. I want you to love your book!

How it works:

1. Go to my Contact Form
2. Tell me which book(s) you want and how many (first come, first served)
3. Tell me where you want it shipped so I can get a shipping cost for you and a grand total
4. I will email you a purchase summary and payment link
5. Once the order is paid and placed, I will ship your autographed book(s) and stickers

Thank you!

Book One, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Two, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Four, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Five, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Six, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Seven, $12 USD plus tax and shipping

Book Eight, $12 USD plus tax and shipping