How Stressed Are You?

Stress is a normal part of being human. It fluctuates over the course of a purposeful, creative day. But if we don’t pay attention, it’s possible to slip into a state of chronic stress, paving the way for health and relationship problems.

Awareness is the first step. Take the short quiz, see if anything looks familiar, and get your scores back. Knowledge is power…and leads to actionable steps for peace.

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1. Do you do experience headaches, muscle tension, or sweaty palms? Do you discover yourself grinding your teeth, holding your breath or trembling?


2. Do you become impatient with delays or interruptions? Do you hate waiting?


3. Do you have to win at games to enjoy yourself? Are you very competitive?


4. Do you speed up to beat the red light? Do other drivers frequently annoy you?


5. Are you unlikely to ask for help with a problem?


6. Do you have the habit of doing more than one thing at a time? Is multi-tasking the norm?


7. Do you act angry, irritated, moody or get accused of over-reacting?


8. Do you put off or cancel time for hobbies or time for yourself?


9. Do you talk quickly or rush conversations? Do you do other tasks while on speaker phone?


10. Do you have trouble calming down after something has upset you?


11. Do you feel overwhelmed, pessimistic, worried, or have racing thoughts?


12. Do you juggle deadlines or a lot of responsibilities in your work, family, or school?


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