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How To Pick Your Perfect Pandemic Pet: A Quiz

So far, this year has been the strangest ever and I find myself doing absurd things and passing them off as normal. For example: I have a kitten now.

Pre-pandemic saw me pet-free for a solid twenty years. Why have animals when you have five kids, amiright? Post-pandemic finds me desperate to keep those kids somehow occupied long enough for me to throw a frozen pizza into the oven and open a bottle of pinot grigio. Do NOT talk to me about how these kids are in their twenties. Some things never change.

The kitten was an impulsive decision made in a fifteen minute window wherein I was not thinking clearly but I have to admit, my kids are flocking around this little fluff ball and our long afternoons are now filled with entertaining shouts of, “Look out, it’s crawling under the dresser!” “What’s that in the litter box?” and “Is it supposed to claw my hand into shreds while it drinks the bottle?”

I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask the question: What was the right pet for our family? And is it too late?

If you, too, are feeling like 2020 is the perfect year to bring a new pet into your home, take this handy quiz to discover if you are crazy which pet is your purr-fect pandemic partner.


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  1. Kim

    Welcome to the dark side…we have cookies. PS. Your cat looks like he needs a playmate.

  2. Andrea

    This post had me cracking up! My result was that I should have a pandemic pet…good thing I already do! And she sure is keeping us great company during this time ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giggles!

  3. Mark Ishman

    As a dog family for many years, we are now a two cat home (itโ€™s the catโ€™s house, we just pay the mortgage). If you leave the house for more than a day or two with a dog you have to a) find someone to come feed them (which may entail some kind of payment). b) board them (which entails a LARGE payment). c) donโ€™t leave the house for a day or two in the first place.
    If you leave the house for a day or two or MORE with cats…you just put out extra food and water and youโ€™re good to go! Although the litter box when you get back home may be a miniature Chernobyl.
    Love you guys!
    Mark & Julie

  4. Mary

    The photo of Doc J entices me to haunt the local shelter for a look-a-like! He is that cute! So glad you have embraced the pet world. There’s no going back now…I see cats in your future forever.

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