I Love Moving, Said No One Ever

Welcome to the third week of January, where we are addressing the larger question of “Why in the world would I move on purpose?” and the smaller question of “How many boxes does it take to contain college textbooks from 1992?”

When my girlfriend moved from SoCal to Missouri, a moving company showed up on her doorstep, packed the entire contents of her house including the cats, and re-fluffed the lot in her new and much colder home.

When I moved five miles across town, I packed the precious contents of my house for maybe five minutes before tossing every other item into the donation pile. It was easier for the Goodwill to store my belongings until I got my bearings in the new house. And by bearings I mean staring into a box labeled, “kitchen” and seeing a plastic chicken.

You don’t know what’s important until you have to move it.

True to the rules we laid out, let me put it to you like this:

  1. Identify the transition:
    1. I moved my family from our home of 22 years to one with a staircase in it.
  2. And its little pile of emotional baggage:
    1. I feel that houses should not come with staircases. This is, and you may quote me, a “bummer”.
  3. Here are my Pros and Cons:
    1. Pro: Free exercise for buns and thighs.
    2. Con: Not being able to see my feet when carrying items on said staircase.
  4. This is worth remembering:
    1. Buns do not enjoy landing hard on a stair edge.

To get a better idea of my wildly swinging pendulum of emotions when attempting to move, read this.

Meanwhile, let’s hear your thoughts.

PS: What is the expiration date on college textbooks? Ten years? Twenty? Just because they aren’t in the fridge doesn’t mean they won’t grow mold. Don’t ask how I know this.

Of the making of books (and other clutter) there is no end. Ecc 12:12
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  • Rebecca Boomer-Schlegel| January 27, 2019

    I hate to tell you but even with moving our entire life three years ago, the 30 year old college text books came and still currently reside in our basement!

    Anyway, the transition of moving is transformative in so many ways and can be for so many reasons. Mike and I moved from a smaller house into a larger house after we got married in anticipation of growing our family. When that didn’t happen, we found ourselves in a house way too big for two people. It was incredible for entertaining but who had time for entertaining? We worked way too much to even think of that.

    Then came the need for change of scenery. Like out of California. Needed a change. Work life balance. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I left a 32 year career to move to the unknown. An incredible opportunity became available for my husband Mike and we could not pass it up. In looking for our next home, we had to think ahead. Needs to be smaller. Needs to be one story instead of two. Needs to have a three car garage. Need to be in a neighborhood where I feel safe since I knew Mike would be traveling a lot which meant I was going to be alone. No friends. No family. Just the two of us, our two geriatric cats (at the time) and away we went. We found a house that almost fit the bill. Wasn’t smaller but it had everything else (keep in mind that as you get older, thinking ahead to downsizing or going to one story is a smart plan). Now almost three years later, I/we have no regrets. No looking back. Change is scary but it’s good to. It’s challenging but in turn it helped us to grow in more ways I can say. Now that we’re on the other side of the transitional mountain, the pastures look greener, the sun shines brighter and the overall road ahead clearer and more exciting. We’re so grateful and feel so blessed! As Jolie was saying though, we had the moving truck and movers. I will never go back to packing my own house. Trust me, that is THE way to go!!

    • Jolie| January 27, 2019

      Some of us move regularly (I’m thinking military, etc) and some maybe once in our lifetimes, but where ever we hang our hats, I’d say Home is where the Heart is, and if you fill it with love, the sun will definitely shine brighter! Thank you for sharing your story. Now go burn your textbooks. *eye roll*

  • Anonymous| January 21, 2019

    I re-read your moving episode again. I guess Bruce and I are the doctor. We’ve been living here for 48 years. All our children were born here and have moved away. We are in the middle of “staging” our house. After that a drone will video our property and the realtor will come and do a video of a walk through. This will be put on Face Book and other modern media. We’re going to sell and when we have the money we will look for another place. We may travel first or house sit while we find the perfect place. We have Faith that everything will work out.

    • Jolie| January 21, 2019

      Wow, that is the real deal, and you have everything in place! I wish I had video of our house when we moved, it had never been so spiffy and that is the way I want to remember it.

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