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Idyllwild Incidentals, Part Three 🪶

Continuing our tour of the Idyllwild Area Historical Society’s cabin, we move into my favorite thing to stare at: old photos! If you already have a firmly established idea of what the characters in my Loveda Brown series look like, you may find they aren’t too far off! It’s fun to find the facts behind the fiction.

Peruse the photos in the book, “The San Jacintos” by John Robinson. If you love to research, too, the Idyllwild Public Library has even more shelves dedicated to local history. Many of my fictional characters were drawn from these photos.

Unfortunately, corrupt files deleted the rest of this post and photos and I’m unable to recover them. I highly recommend the above book and hope you’ll take a minute to Google the characters in the Idyllwild Mystery Series. In particular, Mr. and Mrs. Hannahs, Mr. Walter Lindley, the Cahuilla tribes, and the Domenigoni family.


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