Intention Retention

Yesterday afternoon, the Hubby finally broke down and “helped” me go over our finances.

It’s been sitting on my desk for nine months.

Time to birth the budget.

It’s a pudgy pile of paperwork that grew from a single sheet and is now looking more and more like us. And it’s colicky right from the get-go.

Money is the single most argued about item in a marriage they say.

We spent about six hours putting numbers into tiny boxes and then rearranging them until my eyes crossed. An additional two hours went into taking deep breaths and pacing around the kitchen and another hour devoted entirely to making tea and forgetting to drink it.

I simply cannot be held responsible for the things I think during labor pains.

But this morning I woke up and realized, “Hey! We tackled something! It’s not done and it’s not perfect but we stayed married!” I checked the bed to affirm that yes indeed, there was a husband in it.

I was so inspired, I decided to take a firm look at my other Resolutions and assess my progress with a critical eye.


There appears to be an occasional gap in my daily choices.

(If I managed to read one chapter from ten different books sitting in a pile next to my desk does it count as having “read” them?)

So I decided that today is officially “Anti Procrastination Day”.

I went early to a yoga class.

It’s been on my List for six months people.

I loved it.

I hope I go back again next Monday.

Then I drove straight over to the car wash and surrendered the taxi. It was a revolting combination of summer vacation debris mixed with teenage boy aromas, topped with a hint of campfire smoke.

While the car was detoxing, I walked across the street to Target.

‘Tar-jay’ is French for “come in for soap, leave with a new outfit and a VitaMix”.

But we have a budget now, so I stayed focussed and bought a table-top ironing board.

Because ironing is definitely on my List of Intentions and today’s The Day!

I was thinking long and hard about what I needed to address on my Resolutions List as I pushed the traffic light crosswalk button.

Waiting at the intersection, I noticed landscape rocks artistically placed along the sidewalk.

“Landscaping” has been on my List maybe ten months, since a friend offered us free rocks.

I said “yes” then and promptly forgot about the whole project.


I collected my car and dashed home.

Because today is the Day I Do the Things I’ve Been Putting Off.

On the kitchen counter were six rotting bananas, waiting to be turned into banana bread.

On the table was a pile of wrinkled laundry, possibly a decade out of date.

In my phone were messages from my mother (“Why haven’t you called me back? It’s been three weeks!”) three auto mechanics (“Here’s the price quote for your car alignment. When can we book you?”) my son (“Come pick me up now and by the way, I have volleyball at the gym tonight.”) and the Hubby (“We should research cell phone plans, our bill is way too high.”).

Serves me right for hauling out the budget.

No matter how much I attack that List, it expands like a hydra.

I heard the soft voice of my yoga instructor:

“Invite your breath to fill your body. Feel your heart lifting and your thoughts recede…”

I would rather invite the bananas into the trashcan and feel my income lifting so my hair stops receding.

But whatever.


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