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Loveda Brown: Rattler

In a mystery as twisty as the Rio Grande, Loveda has to hunt down a rattler.

I am currently hard at work crafting this additional prequel that chronologically follows Boston Burglar. As it is now, you won’t miss anything in the plot for The Great Loveda Brown, but Rattler will bring another short mystery to the collection and a peek into that fateful stop in Texas Loveda made on her journey West.

Old El Paso, the summer of 1912.

Loveda Dunn’s newly found marital bliss is interrupted when she discovers the maid sleeping in the bridal bed instead of making it. A week after dismissing the maid in a flash of fury, Loveda finds the woman dead in her orchard. The handsome Mr. Dunn would rather she focus on her civic duties in town than the shadowy doings on the rancho, but Loveda follows her suspicions to a discovery that threatens her husband, her town, and her country.

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