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Loveda Brown’s Gamble

Can Loveda Brown catch a killer before her framed fiancé hangs for it?

Who killed Bill Tennyson? The sheriff wants to know. The reporters want to know. But if her fiancé is framed for the murder, Loveda Brown doesn’t want to know. She wants justice. The tiny mountainside town of Idyllwild, California, as yet the Wild West of 1912, turns upside down when the arrival of Wyatt Earp sets off a chain of events that only a killer could appreciate.

Reviews for Loveda Brown‘s Gamble pulled from Amazon, Bookbub, and Goodreads ❤️

Excellent Read— Obera ★★★★★
🙂 I was kept in suspense until the last chapter. The detail and timing was great. I really thought Loveda worked out her own fears of marriage along the way. There is still room for more storyline and tangled love twist, what happens to Red , Emily, Hattie,ect.

fun murder mystery— joan dondero ★★★★★
Characters are delightful, plot keeps twisting, hard to put the book down until I’ve found out who done it! Love this series!