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Making it Lighter Today

Good morning to my beautiful friends and family!

Only those of you who have subscribed to my blog will get this post today.

I want to thank you personally for investing your five minutes of free time in my little corner of the world.

I love our time together and that you put up with my crazy!

Today is my birthday, although Facebook is set at January 1st. When I started my blog I was warned to stay as strictly confidential as possible. Not to ever name names. To be as James Bond as possible, a “need to know only” under-the-radar type of operation.


It took me over a year to be brave enough to post a photo of myself.

Now, everyone who actually knows me knows exactly who I’m talking about.

And they know when my actual birthday is.

I have to admit, it’s pretty wonderful to get all of the Facebook birthday wishes, though; makes for a great start to the new year.

But the rest of you are on to me.

I even got ‘Happy Birthday’ emails from my dentist and my home-owners insurance company.

My mom called.

Yes, I answered.

I’m leaving Facebook and the media alone today.

It’s not my fault something terrible occurred on this date and I won’t allow it fill my head with the images of a day I will certainly never forget and that still makes me cry.

But, today is also the solution to the atrocities of the world and my own personal life.

We are always so distracted by the darkness.

Nothing will happen, though, unless we stand up and turn on the light.

Today is my birthday. I can make that matter.

I am still here. And so are you.

Just a couple of little glowing armies…of one.

So, I chose to go to the beach today and walk on the hot sand and watch the bright foaming waves crash over and over, ribbons of seaweed winding around my ankles.

I breathed in the salty air and remembered Who turned on the light that First Day.

And that it was good.

And I’m thankful for another year.

And I’m thankful for every single person sharing it with me.

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  1. Pat Tunnell

    Happy Birthday Lovely Lady,
    You are blessed with a wonderful talent. We so enjoy your stories. I’m not a one to laugh but all of your stories make me smile and some even make me laugh out loud. Your stories jump off the page and paint a picture in my mind.
    Love, Pat

  2. Jerusha

    I’m so thankful for you Jolie! I must admit I’m surprised you chose to go to the beach on your birthday. But then perhaps anywhere where there’s no ants…. πŸ˜‰ You’re one in a million. Here’s to shining light in all the dark corners and seeing more than we could see before.

  3. Becky

    Thank you, Jolie , and a belated happy birthday!
    Thank you for your thoughts yesterday. I wish I HAD read it yesterday…I needed it! But today is a good day for ‘lighting up’ too!

  4. LaDonna

    Jolie although I am a day late in reading my emails – I want to wish You a Very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY and your message could not have been more spot on. Love you and so look forward to reading your articles!!! πŸ™‚ LaDonna

  5. Kiki

    Happy birthday Jolie. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I love waking up and reading it. Hope you have a fantastic year.

  6. Mary Kay

    Happy Birthday, Jolie! I love reading your blog. The last one about ants really hit home because I HATE ants in my house.

  7. Jennifer Russell

    Happy Birthday lovely lady! Today is Christian’s sister’s birthday as well and a few others I know & some wedding anniversaries. ️Thankful for you today and getting to know you better through your blog. You are a very talented writer. I feel special to know now about your birthday. hoping you have a special time celebrating in a way that willake you smile sending lots of ❀️And birthday wishes your way today.

  8. Lynette Lange

    Happy birthday, Jolie. I look forward to spending my five minutes every Tuesday and Friday reading your entertaining blog. You are truly a gifted writer.

  9. Barbara Abel

    Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ I would have loved to wade in the ocean today! πŸ™‚ I hope it warms up for your visit and there is some color change in the leaves! πŸ™‚

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