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Pie Giveaway Time!

Thank you everyone for putting up with me last month. NaNoWriMo is no small thing.

To reward your patience, and to celebrate THE END, we’re having a drawing for a giveaway! Pie eating contest Pie throwing contest Pie-in-a-Jar Gifting is a great way to kick off the month of December, and it’s so much better than Figgy Pudding.

By “we”, I mean a collaboration with my favorite pie baker, Jessica Gelineau. Her luscious pie blog, “The Peace of Pie“, has kept me company for years. The stunning visuals are almost as good as tasting, and calorie-free. Jess is a wife, a mom, a math teacher. She wears as many hats as most of us do, but tops it off with a baker’s hat. Read her story here. I’m just saying that if you were born with a “pie thumb”, it’s a sign. And the world is holding their cuppas and waiting. For pies. On your front porch, Jess.

Now, I’ve been known to exploit the mason jar epidemic back in the day, as you recall. I will never eat a salad in a jar. But Pie-in-a-Jar, as she puts it, is as exciting as it sounds:

  • They’re pies. In JARS.
  • They’re so super cute.
  • What’s better than a slice of pie? A whole pie to yourself.
  • What’s more socially acceptable than eating a whole pie? Eating a whole mini pie.
  • What’s easier to transport than a jar with a lid?…Nothing.

To enter your name in the drawing, please make a comment in the Message box, below. You have until Sunday, December 8th, 2019, at midnight to add your comment. On Monday, into the sorting hat you’ll go and the lucky winner will be announced the 10th.

The winning Pie-in-a-Jar will be a Five-Spice Pear-Apple Pie from Ken Haedrich’s pie cookbook, because she just bought a big fresh jar of five spice powder – the one alluded to in the Butternut Squash pie in her latest post, here. This is how the story begins, and this is how the story ends.

You really, really, want to be a part of this story. I mean, these things inspired poetry!

Stay tuned, ya’all. Even if you don’t win, you’ll win. Next week I’ll post the recipe, links, and more festive pie fun so we can all raise a cuppa together.

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  1. Andrea

    PIE stands for
    Every way”
    It’s basically Mary Poppins…in a jar. Delightful, delectable and it sings to you with sweet and spicy notes. 🥧😋 Pretty sure Mary keeps a few jars of pie in that magical bag of hers.

    I love both your and Jess’ blogs! They’re both perfectly delicious and heartwarming, just like pie (and Mary Poppins).😊

  2. Kiki

    I wish I could write something clever and poetic but alas my brain has deserted (desserted) me . Throw my name in the pie tin .

  3. Bon

    Since I’ve been fat since July and cant blame the holidaze 😉 put me in the sorting hat … TWICE!

  4. Mark Ishman

    I don’t wanna die… I just wanna piece of pie! I don’t wanna drive my car…I just wanna what’s in that Mason Jar!
    I don’t wanna drink Snapple in a Square…I just wanna eat Apples and Pears!!

    Love you guys!!

  5. Julie Snobelen

    Sounds like an awesome giveaway to me! I’ve been drooling while reading Jessica’s blog since I found it 🙂

  6. Stay Collister

    Big ones, small ones, ones that come with nuts!!!! In a pan, on a plate , or even in a jar! Sitting down, twirling round, or standing in the rain! Yes please! I would love some pie!!!

  7. Mike Harkleroad

    A pie oh my especially for me,
    Oh jar you came far but recyclable I see
    When opened and heated the smell can overwhelm
    With pears, apples and spices all within
    I will saver every bite when I win🥧

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