You already have the words. What you don’t have is time to babysit them. Someone has to get them to the post on time!

Project Description

Whether you’re a franchise owner drowning in corporate options, or an entrepreneur with lots of ideas written down and nowhere to organize them, you need your business represented in a consistent, punctual, engaging fashion in the networking places that matter.

You may not have a business website. But if you do, and push blog posts from it, yes they can be linked and auto-posted to a Facebook business page. From Facebook you may even be able to push it on to a business Instagram account.

As of today, however, LinkedIn insists on good old fashioned “post by hand”. Of course, there are third party systems you could tap. But how much time do you have? Some tasks are worth being outsourced.

Facebook or LinkedIn only

  • One Channel
    Once a Week: $20/week
    Twice a Week (T, TH):  $25/week
    Three times a Week (M, W, F): $30/week
  • Both Channels
    Once a Week:  $25/week
    Twice a Week (T, TH):  $30/week
    Three times a Week (M, W, F):  $35/week


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