So White and Nerdy

Once in a while I have to put my day on “shuffle” mode and hope for the best.

Sure, it’s one surprise after another, but they were all mostly on the playlist.

They were going to show up sooner or later.

Even the raw chicken that leaked down into the crisper drawer and turned a quick dinner into a two hour scrub-fest.

Which was super fun because that followed the day my pyrex pan exploded glass, barbecue ribs, and sauce all over the oven.

Which, in turn, never really registered, as I had been swimsuit shopping earlier and that usually leaves me anesthetized for a day or two to all things crisis.

Therefore, at any point in the last couple of days you would have found me, wandering in a stupor, with a wet saucy rag in my hand and a hopeful but dazed look in my eye.

If your Monday was anything like mine, I gift you with this little celebration that TUESDAY SHOWED UP!


Let’s do this: some favorite comedians.

Kickin’ it off with Brian Regan. My kids knew he was cool before he did.

First, school days:

He makes me laugh. That makes him one of my heroes.

Here’s another one on big family stuff:

Next, Tim Hawkins on hand raising in church….

And his Delilah song is hysterical:

And if you still haven’t had enough…maybe we should remember why, even though I was a minority in a border town and was sure I wanted to be a black girl when I grew up because my girlfriends had even more attitude than I did, it was never gonna happen.

Alas, to be so white and nerdy.

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  • Emily| March 1, 2016

    It BIT the dust…sigh–it didn’t eat it. grrrr…

  • Emily| March 1, 2016

    Oh Lord, when my beloved Pyrex 13×9 ate the dust, it was also in the oven. That was the worst night ever–that dinner smelled SO good–we debated eating it anyway, but then noticed shards of glass had made it on top of the food. I wish I had known your brilliant oven cleaning technique back then! I am going to watch all of the comedy later, since I’m at work. Best to keep these all in my pocket for a day when I’m feeling low (which could happen at any moment!)

  • Barbara Abel| March 1, 2016


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