Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, CA

Sunset Cliffs…by Jenn

For years, I’ve live in San Diego, but only in the last 3 years did I begin visiting Sunset Cliffs.  Oh, I knew they existed.  I’ve heard about them in the news for years.  You see, the cliffs are a tourist draw and a draw for locals as well.  But they’re unstable.  Which makes them newsworthy as, at least once every year to two, someone will stand too close to the edge and the cliffs will crumble under them and they fall, often to their death.  Yet, people still flock to the cliffs.  To their magic and views.

I’m a flocker.  I admit it.  The cliffs are aptly named as there is almost no better place in San Diego to sit and watch the sunset.  Last weekend I headed to the cliffs with some crackers and cheese and a bottle of wine (and a date but he won’t be part of my story).  I went to the less traveled and less populated area of the cliffs to the far south parking lot.  It was a bit windy but I headed down a trail, did a bit of climbing and picked the perfect secluded spot to sit and watch the setting sun hover over the rumbling ocean.  Surfers sat on their boards in the water, ever hopeful of catching a wave.  There were none.  But how glorious to sit in the water and see that orange ball of flame sink into the horizon.  I watched for the “Green Flash”.  To this day, I’ve never, ever seen it.  I am convinced it’s a myth.

If you haven’t been to Sunset Cliffs, you need to pack a blanket and get your butt down there.  Find a trail, pick and spot to sit and enjoy the ocean and nature at her finest.  Just stay away from the edge!  Trust me.


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  • Jerusha| August 19, 2014

    The Green Flash happens! Brad saw it and I was with him and would have seen it too except that I was texting Emily. I know. So lame. The whole restaurant (we were at Poseidon) erupted into whoops and applause.

    • Jolie| August 19, 2014

      No way. Not buying it. Like grunion runs, green flashes are myths. If you were texting on a date night, I think Brad decided to play a joke on you. And everybody else didn’t want to be “the only guy who didn’t see it”.

      • Pat Tunnell| August 22, 2014

        Will you be our guide next time we visit?

        • Jolie| August 22, 2014

          If it’s cliff climbing you’re after, adventurous Jen will have to lead the way. I’m a more “sit on the beach and hold down the sand” type of gal.

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