laughter sprinkles from the kitchen
kettle hissing, cups of steam
honey, lemon, or milk?

curled on couches
cushioned conversations
whispered confessions

you just never know
well that’s what I heard
we’re here for you

me too

trace the pattern on a napkin
over and around, over and around
and sigh in response to conundrum

pillars under clay roof tiles
bedrock settles
windows thrown wide to the weather

friendships steeping
mosaics in a teacup

Comment (4)

  • Ronda Provencal| July 29, 2019

    Hold these days close to my heart

  • Stacy| July 29, 2019

    💕😘 thankful for these moments❤️!

  • Andrea| July 28, 2019

    loooove this!! Tea dates are the best 😊

  • Wendy| July 28, 2019

    Just finding this again in my life.. after a long time without..
    Soo very thankful!

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