The Historical Fiction Company Review

When it comes to things that spark joy for a writer, nothing is quite sparklier than someone who reads their book and enjoys it enough to share it.

To everyone who’s left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Bookbub, posted a pic of the book on social media, lent their paperback to a friend, or made so many compulsive noises while reading that the guy next to you said, “Oh good grief, what’s so crazy in the chapter now?”, THANK YOU.

This is why we’re here.

You are my people.

As my genre is historical mystery, it would make sense that folks who like my books also enjoy historical fiction, mysteries in several flavors, westerns, and poppycock.

Speaking of poppycock, I have to wonder if you grew up watching reruns of “I Love Lucy” and devoured all of Janet Evanovich…at least until she started bringing in ghost writers to help her with that outrageous work schedule of pounding out books like a crazy person that no single human could ever accomplish and you can totally tell because her books got diluted somehow and you end them scratching your head in disappointment.

I would hire a ghost writer, too, but all the little voices in my head would go on strike. They are very territorial critters.

Meanwhile, I’ve been collecting reviews and putting them in the Amazon pages (scroll down). You should take a look, especially if you want to leave a review yourself and are short on words of rhapsody. Fun stuff, this.

The latest review for¬†Loveda Brown Comes Home is from the Historical Fiction Company, and I think you’ll enjoy their fun opinions on it! This lovely website is worth sticking around for a browse if you like historical fiction in all of its exciting eras.

What are your favorite genres? If you could only choose one, which genre would you place the Loveda Brown books in? Is there a particular author that they most remind you of?