The Top Five Blogs of 2020

As if you couldn’t evacuate 2020 fast enough, here are some parting stories to keep you company till midnight.

The five most popular posts of the year according to my website stats are:

Five: The Maelstrom. Appropriate word for 2020, little did we know in February.

Four: Seattle Shenanigans. This was our first and only trip for 2020 (sob), but we all made the most of it.

Three: Murder Mystery Mayhem. We all began the Loveda Brown series together, and it’s been quite a ride.

Two: Mother’s Day Hotline 2020. In appreciation of moms in the weeds. Ain’t no hood like motherhood.

One: The Bottomless Bookshelf. I love that readers keep coming back for recommendations! What was your fave read this year? Add it to the comments.

And now, because I just can’t help myself:

The Fab Five of 2016

Good morning intrepid readers!

I don’t know about you, but my life contained some serious plot twists and character reveals in 2016. All of them are gifts of course, although sometimes it’s wise to wait before passing judgement on their value.

The first blog post I want to send you to, then, isn’t one of mine, but explains the concept of looking for the gift, even when it makes no sense for you to do so. Attitude is everything.

I have been opening my gifts this year as quickly as possible which makes it very hard to find the keyboard. A year starting with the usual kids, house and Hubby ended with teaching and schooling and a full-time job. I have used a shovel now and then.

And here I am, wrapping up the last gift of the year for you, with a large silk garden-green ribbon: our third year of blogging.

I am so very honored and thankful that you stuck it out with me.

I wonder sometimes, how I did it, or when….

And then I scroll through social media and wonder how you are finding five minutes for us, either.

I’m guessing that together we are awesome. Together, we make this blog work.

Here are the Top Five Fabulous Favorite Blogs of 2016 that we made possible. Enjoy them with some cookies and tea. Afterwards, I’ll tell you what I have in mind for next year.

Number 5: Nobody Panic is basically about the surrender that comes with parenthood. I never knew those two words went together.

Number 4: Okay, yes, my 30th High School Reunion was given a post (Dear Class of 1986) and a sequel (Party Like It’s 1986) and you had to be there to decide which was better.

Number 3: The Painful Edgy Stuff was written to my friends carrying heavy loads.

Number 2: When You Can’t Go to the Mountain was a reflection on making space to breathe in the presence of God each day.

Number 1: The Jello Mold was ridiculously popular. I would like to meet everyone else who flunked out of marriage counseling. We could go line-dancing instead. It’s easier and everyone ends up smiling.

2017 ushers in a completely new set of issues, explaining why life as a Stay-At-Home-Mom and life as a Full-Time-Job-in-a-Clean-Shirt-Mom are both radically different and scarily similar.

I want to talk to you about mason jars.

If you have been peeking through my Pinterest here (just click on the box to the right), you know that mason jars are not for crafting. They are survival tools at the top of the list next to duct tape.

So Pinterest stays, Instagram doesn’t. I just can’t, fellow moms. My Facebook is a necessary evil because it’s where most of you read my blog, although if you signed on as Subscribers it would look so much better in my stats...wink, wink. Think of it like a candy dispenser. Every week you get a new flavor in your mailbox.

The goal is to invite another 100 Subscribers to our Tuesday morning tea parties, and the blog is where I’m staying. If you haven’t Subscribed here yet, please consider it. If you have, please consider inviting a friend of yours to join us. Then you two can talk about me behind my back. Or on Instagram. Or wherever.

I will never know.

I will be busy doing laundry.

I washed Kid #5’s cell phone last week.

Because, how I do laundry is now a philosophy that I have extended into almost every facet of my day: scoop it in, slam the door, push the button, feel accomplished.

May the gifts in your New Year be both overflowing and aromatic, and may you have a shovel to meet them with.