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Tea on the High Seas ☕️

It was celebration time last week! If you want to do a party right, you serve tea. This is the kind of party animal I am.

A dormouse.

I met a girlfriend at the local tea room and took a table on the patio. It was a beautiful spring day. The sky was blue, the birds nesting, and the china sparkling. Treats were incoming.

I was a very happy camper.

What happened next was not okay.

Sweaty, burly men screaming directions at each other, tar and asphalt fumes steaming in the midday heat, machinery rumbling, grinding, and reverberating through our alcove.

They ripped out the road. Then they put in a new one and beat it into submission. I don’t know what the road did to incur their wrath, but they had their sweet, sweet revenge.

Not for one second did any of them turn around to see whether our pinkies were up. Or possibly any other finger.

The road construction was right in our face. The tea room served our tea, anyway.

The waitress showed no fear. She’d obviously walked the plank before and had no qualms about fingers.

She had her priorities straight.

Decisions were made.

I figured, if Captain Norrington could have a proper tea on a ship pitching over the high seas while chasing pirates…I could do my drinking with the hard-boiled work crew on the poopdeck.

Just one sip was all it took.

Suddenly, it was just another day in paradise.

And this how a road was paved in my honor. Ain’t that Grand?

I’ll take it.

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  1. Mary Knight

    How to shift your attitude with one sip! No wonder you are such a fervent tea drinker! Thank you for this humorous ditty to start my day.

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