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The Christmas Meme Countdown

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, except for the the mouse.
Toys still to wrap, kids finally in bed,
Things to assemble, a long night ahead.
Break out the tape, the scissors, the wine,
Scroll here for ten minutes and then we’ll be fine.

If you need more, click on my Pinterest link…oy vey.

Published in"Holidays"Mi Casa Su Casa


  1. Laura

    Omg! So hilarious! Can’t stop laughing at the throwing presents in the fire! But part of me is disturbed 😧😆😆

  2. Carol

    Good laughs for Christmas Eve!!

  3. Bon

    Cheers Jolie! Cant stop laughing 😂 Merry Christmas to you and family 🎄

  4. Uncle M

    Thank You Jolie for the smiles, Have a great Christmas

  5. Kiki

    Merry Christmas Jolie! To you and all the family ❤️❤️

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