If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, if you have a book in your head but not in your computer, if you don’t know where to begin or are wondering if it will ever end…welcome to the club.

2019 is the “Year of the Book”. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet on my office floor, and there it will remain until my historical fiction is written or I am dead. One or the other.

Enrolled in the San Diego Writers Ink  year-long Novel Writing Certification Program, my goals are to learn the craft, explore the industry, and relish the company of other writers.

Please join me in this noble quest by signing up for The Novel Newsletter, below. Once a month, I share progress and procrastination, practical tips and performance anxiety. Meet my teachers, discover new books, and receive sample chapters with opportunities for your feedback. You will also receive a free book when I publish! At the moment, the book is over 70,500 words and growing.

What’s this book about, you ask? Here’s my developing synopsis as of August:

In Roman conquered Israel, two sisters break with tradition to raise their brother and keep their home intact. Juggling oppressive taxation, political upheaval, social pressures, religious norms, and their own personal journeys, the job is harder than they expect. Once they are established years later, Jesus begins challenging the status quo, both personal and global. When their brother dies and Jesus resurrects him, the sisters find themselves in danger from every direction. Once again, the sisters must break with tradition and risk violence, rejection, and losing everything they spent their lives fighting for, to protect Jesus.

Gad, the shepherd.


Ithamar and Ishvi work the date palms.


Figs, pomegranates, dates, olives, grapes…


Food is medicine.


And some things cannot be explained…