What do you do with someone who grew up in a library and has written since she could hold a pencil in her hand? Exactly. Wait until fifty years and five kids go by, and then ask whether she wants to be an author when she grows up.

Better late than never. I mean, Grandma Moses and all. I’ve adopted a cat for the occasion. Let’s do this.

In 2019, I took the San Diego Writers Ink year-long Novel Writing Certification Program. 2020 finds me attending small groups for critique (yep, online now), rewrites, and polishing up my magnum opus: Bethany, House of Song.

Apparently, you can’t rush genius. Unless you participate in NaNoWriMo. When you do that, you take genius by the ear and hurl it through walls. Just for fun. The results are both astonishing and addicting, as you can see from the manuscripts below. The Loveda Brown Series will be the first of my published works available for purchase. Stay tuned for the big launch in October!

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Historical Cozy Murder Mystery, Book Three. In Progress, Oct 2020. Slated for publication Dec 2020.

When opera singer Andre Focaccia arrives in the tiny mountainside town of Idyllwild, California, as yet the wild west of 1912, mysterious accidents follow him. Can Loveda Brown prevent his murder while fending off the advances of a passionate artist, and will a zealous archaeologist dig up more than fossils on John Wyman’s property? A shocking package on the stagecoach might hold all the answers.


Historical Cozy Murder Mystery, Book Two. Completed Sep 2020. Slated for publication Nov 2020.

Loveda Brown has inherited more than a tiny hotel in Idyllwild, California, as yet the wild west of 1912, she’s inherited trouble. A pretentious lawyer, a boy scout troop invasion, insufferable suffragettes, and a pair of pompous honeymooners are about to interrupt her best laid plans. Between murder and a kidnapping, the pressure is on for Loveda to clean up the town she longs to call home.


Historical Cozy Murder Mystery, Book One. Completed Aug 2020. Slated for publication Oct 2020.

When Loveda Brown arrives in the tiny mountainside town of Idyllwild, California, as yet the wild west of 1912, she is running from her husband. But when a body turns up the next day, she realizes she might have worse things following her…that cold, clenched fist holds something that forces Loveda to stay in Idyllwild and use all of her wits to stop another murder from happening. Probably her own.


Historical Faith Fiction. Complete at 100,500 words. Currently in edits, seeking traditional publication.

In Roman conquered Israel, two sisters break tradition to raise their baby brother and keep their home intact. Jesus’ rising ministry begins challenging the status quo, both personal and global. When their brother dies and Jesus resurrects him, the women must decide whether to risk violence, rejection, and losing everything they spent their lives fighting for, to protect Jesus.


Rom-Com. Completed Nov 2019 at 62,200 words. Practice manuscript.

Regina’s new job in a catering company lands her in the middle of a fantastic Hotel Del Coronado wedding where her fast thinking saves the day and gets the attention of both the wedding planner and the hottest man at the party. Between her fiesty grandfather, a dachshund named Dufus, her bestie, her neighbors, and offers she can’t refuse, can Gina keep up?


Historical Fiction. Completed March 2020 at 80,300 words. Practice manuscript.

In 1888, three families left Texas and headed west, seeking a homestead and a haven for their faith. Young, hot-headed Joe Campbell and his sweetheart, Lidy, eloped in the night and raced to join them. Deep in the secluded mountaintops of New Mexico, hard work and strong ideals were no surety against the internal demons of pride, isolation, passion, disillusion, and politics. A new century arrives, and Joe and Lidy must watch helplessly as the next generation questions the price of exclusivity and whether they will live the Truth…or a lie.