The Sampler Platter

Good morning everyone!

I hope that you are having a day full of counting blessings, from the big, beautiful sky out your window to the brave little song humming in your heart.

The one you have to get very very quiet to hear.

Today as I reminisce over this blog, I can tell you that quite a bit of it sounds like the brave little song that hums inside of me.

It’s exuberant watching snatches of my melody float off into cyberspace, my one little song mingling with the choir of the universe.

From what I can figure out, it’s traditional for bloggers to share their top reader picks from the year right about now. Sometimes they post reruns when they go on vacation or simply leave the blog silent and unattended for a while, neither of which appeal to me.

Sitting down to write feels exactly like a vacation, minus the bugs and sunscreen.

Why wouldn’t I want to do it as often as I could?

And so, dear readers, I present to you, in Grand Blogging Tradition,

your Top Five Favorite stories

from 2015.

Pour some tea, and enjoy with your feet up.


Thanks so much for riding the crazy train with me. I love every minute of it.

“If it Tastes Bad, It’s Good For You” came in at number 5. I still have the apple cider vinegar gathering dust in my pantry. I haven’t been in for a massage in months. What’s Italian for, “Why don’t you love me?”

“When it Rains, It Pours” came in at number 4. Our water bill for July was a doozy, but it’s a small price to pay for learning the Magic Plumber Words. No, you’ll just have to have your own crisis and discover them yourself. They work, though.

“Brawn Before Brains” came in at number 3. I know it was a bit of a tear-jerker, but man, real life happens and I don’t know what you do except love harder and pray harder. The kid rides a motorcycle now so for the love of mothers everywhere, look for him on the road and help him stay safe.

“When Your Second Grader Gets Suspended” was a hit in the number 2 slot. I hope it was helpful to all of you parenting young Jedis, and perhaps if you get the parole officer to read it, little Anakin can get off on good behavior.

“So You Want to Date My Kid?” was this year’s number 1 hit, sweeping the top of the charts. I can’t imagine why. All my kids read it and I got the reaction I used to get when I taught in the classroom, the few times that 30 kids were going south and needed a firm re-direct: 29 startled, wide-eyed kids frozen in obedience, and 1 kid totally ignoring me, doing what he wanted.

One of my sons nonchalantly handed my blog back and smiled.

“Mom,” he said with a shrug, “you’re all bark and no bite.”

Oh, I can’t wait till that one starts dating.

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  • Pat Tunnell| December 26, 2015

    Hi Jolie,
    I am having a cup of tea and thinking about you and your sweet family. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoy all of your stories, keep them coming.
    Love, Pat

  • Stacy| December 25, 2015

    Merry Chriatmas Jolie!
    Looking forward to another year of posts!

    Love ya,

  • Barbara Abel| December 25, 2015

    Enjoy a fun filled day with family! John is already up (5:30). We’re try to let Hannah sleep! 🙂

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