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Writer’s Communities

Maybe you’re used to doing all your own stunts, but writers know we can’t do this gig alone. We have readers, fans, critics, colleagues, agents, publishers, editors, partners… the list goes on. Take advantage of the supportive, kind, and street-smart people who form the writing community and get in touch.

Whether you’re an introvert looking for some fabulous online zoom interaction or an extravert seeking the next writer’s moshpit conference, here are some places to begin.

Writer’s Retreats

Let’s begin with this great search engine:Β

Facebook Groups

The Indie Author Mindset, Adam Croft
For authors who choose to self publish, a wealth of community knowledge.

20Booksto50K, Michael Anderle
For self-publishing authors looking to expand, grow, and make a full time well-paid profession from their books. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Wide for the Win, Erin Wright
A group for indie and hybrid authors who are WIDE (ie, not KU exclusive) and want to find other authors to talk shop with.

Friends & Fiction, Mary Kay Andrews, Mary Alice Monroe, Patti Callahan Henry, Kristy Woodson Harvey, Kristin Harmel
Like a FB Book Club, because writers are always readers, am I right? “We discuss books, writing, and invite fabulous authors to join us. All while highlighting one independent bookstore each week.”

Writers Helping Writers, Cathrine Agnes Simone
An international, very active, friendly, peer-to-peer advice/support group.

Ask a Book Editor Writing a book? Have a question? Ask an Editor! Post questions you have about the writing process and have them answered by an editor.

10 Minute Novelists Group
An international group devoted to helping time-crunched writers develop the habit of writing, learn the craft, and build their careers in small increments of time. Fun features like Tuesday #BuddyDay and Wednesday #AuthorHappiness chats.

Beta Readers and Critique Partners
This group is about helping each other to be better writers. You can offer to be a member’s beta reader/critic partner, but never as a paid service. This site is FREE only.

Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art)
An easier and more effective group for calls, all in one easy-to-follow place. If you’re looking for publication opportunities, it’s worth looking into. (There are also places like Submittable/Submishmash)

Word Nerds Unite, Gabriela Pereira at DIY MFA
A do-it-yourself alternative to a masters in writing, part virtual writing retreats, and part motivating fun rolled into one.


San Diego Writer’s Ink, my local watering hole for classes, events, and camaraderie.

Your city may have a local chapter of a national writing group for genres. For example, my Partners in Crime group (local) is affiliated with Sisters in Crime (national). If you have no local chapter, consider beginning one.

MeetUp, to find your local writing groups meeting in cafes.

Writer’s Relief, to find local writing groups that meet in libraries (contact yours, this list isn’t complete). Your local library is almost certain to host a writer’s group. If not, start one!

You can purchase a seat in live coaching, like Rachael Herron’s.

San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, a support group that serves professionals as well as novices. They run the gamut of every type and genre: poets and playwrights; novelists and storytellers; journalists; biographers; and writers of fables. A collaborative partner in the larger San Diego writing community.

Authors Guild Foundation (national) provides advocacy efforts and valuable resources for America’s working writers, including legal advice, networking community, and industry news. They sponsor great webinars and you don’t have to be a member to watch! Sign up for their newsletter to be in the loop. (ALLi, Alliance of Independent Authors, is the UK equivalent.)

Since covid, some conferences, festivals, and author events have become available to global audiences online. Sometimes, you can watch recordings free on YouTube. But if you’re looking for an excuse to travel, Google up a writer’s retreat and treat yourself, particularly in your genre.

Support your local bookstores ❀️ They usually have a great event calendar.