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You Need This Joy Yesterday ๐ŸŽŠ

Welcome to 2022. I got you. In the excitement of entering yet another year full of woes and wherewithals, I’m here to say there’s a better way.

Now, I’m not immune to the gloom, but raising five kids taught me to make lemonade out of those lemons. I made a million meals in my kitchen. No matter how fancy, there was always one kid who turned up a nose and refused to bite it. Bought thousands of outfits and half those little stinkers preferred running through the backyard in the buff. What I’m saying is that the bar can be quite low and almost everyone will feel better about it.

After months of hand-wringing deliberation and prognostication, I’ve come to the conclusion that once again, I’ve been overthinking the blog.

I know.

Do I attempt a big voice in the writing industry, expertise in my niche, research white papers? How about mom advice and resources, or more wildly humorous parenting stories? Along with most of the planet, I’m pooped. My creative energies are tied up in making books and there’s almost nothing left in my tank when I finish for the day. As much as I desperately love a good plan, these pandemic years are saying the same thing the toddler years did: “Girl, let it go.”

I find myself scrolling social media looking for the laugh. The color. Some tiny bit of joy. If Loveda Brown must be full of rules (so many rules!), then my blog is going to be play time.

I intend to abandon all the “shoulds” for 2022 and run around with the kids streaking through the backyard in their birthday suits.

Not literally. **eye roll**

But if this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will:

When I remind you it’s the little things, well, I mean it. When I was in second grade, the librarian gave my class a pile of book jackets divested from newly purchased hardcovers. Our task was to choose one and write a story to go inside the cover. I remember running my hands over the glossy beauties and the overwhelming magical thought that this was going to be my book. That this fancy package was going to hold my words. Mine.

Terrie Relf brought this tiny bookstore to my attention, and it just floats my boat. I love knowing it exists and that people love it. I love the pops of color and the teensy little paper details, but I hate crafting.

Maybe I will blow some bubbles on a random Wednesday afternoon. Maybe I will skip the chicken cordon bleu and make a bowl of Cheerios. And I play dress-up every day for work.

Doesn’t everyone?

Wear what brings you joy, not what you “should”. Or maybe, what you can get away with. ;~)

I’m going to keep scrolling. If I lean into Amazon shopping, well, who hasn’t? Yes, I’m an affiliate now. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to monetizing my website and blog and I won’t ever get closer. I don’t know about you, but ads make me bonkers when I’m trying to read. Save that nonsense for TV. So if you click on stuff around here, it will likely take you to an Amazon page and if you buy something, it will likely make me a sparkly little dime.

Ima buy a teensy little book with it! ๐Ÿ“š

What sparks your joy? What little things have been your lemonade? Send in your favorites. Let’s make another blog.

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  1. Bon

    Joy.. daffodils peaking through the soil with hopes of warmer days ahead! Sandy feet and a sunrise over waves. A bath full of warm water and a million soapy bubbles spilling over the edge (throw in a glass of wine for pure nirvana) . My holiday home filled with all those dear to me at the same time!!

  2. carol

    pink glow of sunset from my backyard
    The moon and realizing that everyone on the planet shares the same moon
    a hot shower, still one of life’s greatest luxuries
    the scent and feel of clothes freshly line dried
    smell of bacon
    a star filled sky
    cry of a hawk and bustle of little birds
    open spaces
    a dog’s kiss and snuggle
    an unexpected smile and a surprise

  3. Becky Boomer-Schlegel

    What sparks my joy?
    A good bowl of chips and freshly made salsa!
    Chatting over an excellent cup of English Breakfast hot tea with a dear friend
    A cats purr
    The smell of cut grass on a sunny day in May signaling Summer is around the corner
    An iced cold carbonated beverage that is brixed with the perfect amount of syrup and carbonation
    A sunrise
    The things you hear and see when you just take the time to be…….
    Have so many more…..its good to write them down as wonderful reminders

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