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Zoom to “The End”

Do you need to make some words? Welcome to your FREE weekly writing sprint!

People who have a regular peer support session are nearly 80% more successful than those who try to go it alone.ย  And showing up with your butt in the chair is 90% of getting it done.

**In February we will not meet on Monday the 26th. My Mac will be in the shop for repairs. Write anyway!๐Ÿ˜‰**

  • Here is the direct Zoom link.
  • No current work in progress? Need a warm-up exercise? Here is this week’s writing prompt:
    • Your computer crashes and the top secret codes you need cannot be recovered. What were the codes for and what must you do to avert imminent disaster?

How it works:

  • 8am (PST) Monday mornings
  • A 40 minute Zoom with no strings attached
    • 5 minute prep time
    • 25 minute silent timed sprint
    • 10 minute encouragement via chat bar
  • The Zoom is never recorded and I retain zero data on participants
  • Your video and microphone will be disabled the entire time – you will only see/hear me
  • Open to anyone who wants to kick off their week with some words
  • A revolving open door so you can meet up or opt out whenever you need to
  • Encouragement and accountability built in with the other online writers
  • Feel like a Monday morning winner and keep the momentum up all week
  • Keep going with a Pomodoro app
  • Jump in where you are
  • Introduce yourself and visit in the chat bar – how many words did you write?
  • Positive vibes only – cheer each other on!

Not Monday morning yet? Play with apps like Written Kitten, Cold Turkey Writer, or The Most Dangerous Writing App.


  • Check my time zone to yours. This Zoom is set for 8am PST. (If there are enough requests, we may hold additional date/times later this year.)
  • If the Zoom screen distracts you, “minimize” it.
  • If we add more sessions, hit a holiday, or change the format, this page is always updated and I will leave the note here.
  • If you get in and see the timer going… we started without you.
    • Jump in and start writing!
    • One word is better than zero words!