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What do you do with a San Diego girl who grew up in a library and has written since she could hold a pencil in her hand? Exactly. Wait until fifty years and five kids pass by and then ask whether she wants to be an author when she grows up.

Be still, my heart.

After years of blogging, several practice novels, and a freelance writing business, The Idyllwild Mystery Series launched in 2020. Mystery, history, and a pinch of poppycock—how fun is that?

I’m now an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author in multiple categories.

And I’m giving away free samples like a Costco hairnet lady. 😉

To welcome you properly, download your free, exclusive copy of Loveda Brown: The Boston Burglar by signing up for the Newsletter. This is the murder mystery that Loveda Brown had to solve before she left her hometown of 1911 Boston forever, and an introduction to the heroine of The Idyllwild Mystery Series.

And hey, I’ve been told the newsletter is pretty fun all on its own.

I’m available for author interviews or writer workshops for your local book club or library group. Contact me any time. You can find me pretty much everywhere on the web and at author events and conferences, but my thoughts are wandering Idyllwild, chasing squirrels and looking for a mystery to solve.

☕️ Cheers,